Who we are

In the spring of 2022, Maven turned 12 years old. Today it's 50+ of us: 50 people with a positive attitude to the code and each other ;). We work in 12 teams, 9 of which have product owners, business analysts, QA, FE, BE, and DevOps. We don't like bureaucracy and use Scrum and Kanban.

We deliver shoulder to shoulder on the highest quality standards, accepting each other and striving to do our job better than yesterday. The ongoing improvement process is possible thanks to our feedback culture, which aims to power what's good and fix what's wrong.

Recruiting Principles

"People converge on the essentials and negotiate on the secondary." That's why the entire recruiting process takes no more than 7 working days. No tests and "we'll call you." Common sense and respect only.

1. Contact with the recruiter 

30-45 min talk F2F online to sync in basic conditions for the partnership: working conditions, motivation, salary expectations, etc.

2. Tech&HR interview

60-90 min interview with CTO and HR about product/project, technical experience, and sync in values of mission on a daily routine basis.

3. Feedback or Offer

There is no third* ;) 

*Some positions envisage one more step. A short interview with CEO or/and Product Owner

Perks of being Maven

Healthy Culture

  • A transparent and healthy culture.

  • Competitive remuneration, which depends on team feedback and your results.

  • Autonomy and minimum bureaucracy.

  • Flexible schedule with the ability to work remotely.

  • 33 days of paid vacations and 15 paid sick days per year.

Growth and support

  • Performance review twice a year.

  • Regular code-review and feedback culture.

  • Compensation for JetBrains "All Products Pack".

  • English Speaking Club.

  • Mental health support.

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